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Notice: VirtuaGirl has been rebranded as iStripper - click here for more information


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Welcome to the VirtuaGirl Interactive Collection, now part of iStripper, the desktop application from Totem Entertainment.

The info below refers to the previous VG interactive version of the software, but these features and more continue to feature in iStripper, where new shows from all the latest models are available, but the latest VG software will also play all shows from previous collections, VirtuaGirl HD, Virtuagirl Classic and Deskbabes (now called iStripper xxx)


Collect them all.

You can browse profile pages for all currently available interactive girls.

New interactive shows are made available three times a week (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and every day you get up to 10 FREE demos, whose full shows are not yet in your collection.


See profiles and reviews of all the girls in the now complete VGHD collection.
The interactive features of the latest software (described below) work on all iStripper shows, but girls in the VGHD or older DeskBabes format don't respond like those of the interactive collection when you click on them.

Features of the interactive software include: -

Interactive collection are now available at, at least, 3k, 1080p or 720p resolutions.

Drag and Drop
Click and hold on any interactive girl, then drag and drop her anywhere on your screen. On release she will drop to the task bar, or on top of any open window and start performing.

Multiple girls on-screen
The latest istripper software can now display multiple girls at once on the desktop and you can define the area of your desktop where the girls appear. Applies to all shows.

On-screen controls
Left click on girl (default) brings up icon controls. This can be set as right click in GUI. Applies to all shows.

Transitions between full clips
Interactive girls walk around, wait, sit or get up and can spin like magic when transitioning between performances and will continue until they've shown you everything they can do

Full Screen mode
When you select "Full Screen" mode, the girl of your choice will perform in a strip-club setting. This option can also be set as a screensaver. Applies to all shows.

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