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Sybil's Profile:Sybil A Kailena, Virtual Girl for your desktop
Stats : 35/24/34
Height : 5' 5"
Weight(at time of VG cards) : 115 lb
Date of birth : 01 October 1994
Place of Birth : Kiev, Ukraine
AKA: Sybil A Kailena, Dani, Davina E

Sybil's interactive shows


Release date: 11-Apr-2016
Duration: 41 min
Includes: 17 full clips (8 Task-bar, 5 pole-dance and 4 standing clips) plus 17 transitions

Free 1600x1000 "Natural Spring" Wallpaper
Sybil A Kailena, wallpaper

Non-nude Gallery and info
Including 8 sample pictures from bonus photoset

Nude Gallery and animated overview
Including 15 sample pictures from bonus photoset