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Notice: VirtuaGirl has been rebranded as iStripper - click here for more information


Notice: is no longer being updated - click here for more information

VirtuaGirl has become iStripper

VirtuaGirl has now been re-branded as iStripper.

New interface, new features and sexier than ever

You can download the new iStripper desktop application from the iStripper Website, which promotes the software and includes privacy statement, legal info, billing info, FAQ, e.t.c.

All the fantastic desktop striptease shows from all the girls of VirtuaGirl (Classic, HD, and Interactive) are still available in iStripper and new girls are being added every week.

All galleries, girl info, videos, user comments, forum e.t.c are now available through the iStripper desktop application, which has some great new features to enhance your enjoyment and general user experience.

The Harder shows fomely available on Deskbabes, also continue to be available via iStripper, as "iStripper xxx".

Content on this site is no longer updated.

The VirtuaGirl website is still active and available for now, but may not be in the forseeable future. So since the style of promotional linking to web-content featured on is not really compatible with the new iStripper system, I have made the difficult decision to discontinue maintainance and updates of this site.

All the current promotional content for VirtuaGirl and Deskbabes (complete with original branding) is still be available to view and should still give a good idea of the girls and shows that you can expect from iStripper. Also Be aware, however, that various links from this site to Virtuagirl or Deskbabes content may stop working as expected at some point. For now, most still work, including promotional galleries, e.t.c.

From now on, if you follow a chain of links from this site, you will be re-directed to the iStripper home page sooner or later, from which you can download the new iStripper application.

Click here to go straight to iStripper and download the application.

Click here for my old VirtuaGirl HD content, here for more recent VirtuaGirl Interactive content, or use the menu bar above to navigate the site.